Why Canadian Select Smoked Salmon?



We source our wild salmon only from select British Columba fisheries to ensure the best grade and quality.

Our salmon is filleted and smoked in BC to exacting standards.

Our salmon is smoked over cold hardwood (80% cherry wood) at 78° F for 5 hours. This process brings out the subtle and perfectly blended flavours of the wild salmon and cold cherry wood smoke.

The foil packaging is a method called “retort”. The smoked salmon is portioned into 4, 8 or 16oz servings and placed in a four layer foil pouch. The pouch is vacuum sealed and heat processed for 70 minutes at 248° F and 15 psi.

The quality of our salmon products is further confirmed through the sampling and inspection processes of the Canadian Food Inspection agency.

Finally, we package your BC smoked salmon in decorative wooden boxes, cardboard sleeves and cardboard boxes.

Our smoked salmon requires no refrigeration before opening and contains no added preservatives beyond the natural smoking technique.



Which you choose is largely a matter of taste.

Sockeye salmon is known for its rich taste and deep, red colour. It has firm meat with a high oil content.

Pink salmon has a tasty, mild flavour. The delicately coloured meat is characterized by sweet oil, moist and has a fine flake.